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ET-X7 X-ray Component Counters
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"ET-X7 X-ray Component Counters"
Looking for a high-end x-ray component counter for counting PCB chip reels? Look no further than the ET-X7 x-ray smd component counter! This advanced product boasts lightning-fast processing speeds, with a minimum counting time of just 9 seconds. Plus, its large PCB reel size range can handle reels up to 17 inches in size.
The ET-X7 X-Ray Parts Counter uses cutting-edge core technology and has an advanced high-resolution image system. The ET-X7 X-Ray Parts Counter has a modern image system with high resolution, using the latest core technology. Its intelligent algorithm method ensures an aver agenting a wide range of components across different reels.
This advanced system uses a smart algorithm to achieve an impressive repeat accuracy of 99.99%. With its remarkable precision various reels both practical and time-saving.
We are pleased to offer customization options to cater to your specific requirements. When you contact us, kindly provide details of your needs, and we will take your preferences into account.
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Features of ET-X7 X-Ray ray component counter
• Enjoy easy and efficient X-ray imaging with our closed-type X-ray tube from Japan. It has a long lifespan and requires no maintenance.
• Experience superior imaging with the 17-inch Super Definition Digital Flat Panel Detector (FPD) that eliminates the need for scanning detectors.
• Boost your productivity with our ultrafast counting technology. With just 9 seconds needed for a single 7-inch (180mm) reel, and only 14 seconds for four 7-inch reels or one 15-inch (380mm) reel, you can get more done in less time.
• Counting reels up to 17 inches (430mm) in diameter is made easy with our technology, compatible with various packaging solutions such as moisture barrier bags and JEDEC trays.
• Our advanced artificial intelligence deep learning algorithm boasts independent intellectual property rights, enabling powerful data accumulation in the cloud database and easy sharing across all machines.
• No need to enter the reel data in the factory in advance, users can use it directly.
• By using our modern parts counter, you can significantly enhance both efficiency and accuracy while reducing manpower requirements. Moreover, it offers the added benefit of reducing material handling times during warehouse operations.
• Improve your material warehouse management with our digital software solutions that seamlessly integrate with MES, ERP, and other systems. Keep your software up-to-date with lifetime algorithm updates for sustained efficiency.

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