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SuiteCRM Email to Lead
product by Outright CRM

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Outright CRM
5560 progress road, Indianapolis
United States

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Product Description

A boatload of emails you receive from your Leads. You daily make records of all such inbound emails in SuiteCRM software. One-by-one making records of that might be time-consuming for many CRM Businesses. Therefore, investing in Email to Lead extension helps is spending less time in making records and you may focus more on other strategies. The product helps in making all inbound emails records in SuiteCRM automatically. Also, this whole operation saves time, money, and effort for every individual. Best of all, it is compatible with every version of the SuiteCRM system.

*Every Functionality of Email to Lead extension*

Some super functions may help you to know how this product is valuable for your company today. Have a look-

1. Automatically creating Records saves your time and effort. One-by-one making records takes a huge amount of time.

2. This product of SuiteCRM enables users to set many fields with a predefined token. Also, mapping of fields is a vital function here.

3. A user is free to choose any module to make records of their inbound emails. No one is restricted to any particular module from now on.

4. If a user receives any email twice with the same email address and subject line then the product will prevent it from duplicating. Here duplicate emails will automatically get skipped.

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