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Is Adderall used to treat depression? - Buy Adderall 10mg Online
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What is Adderall?
This is a combination medication which contains four salts of Amphetamine. It can be defined as a mixture of four different “ Amphetamine” salts mixed together to create a 3 to 1 ratio of dextroamphetamine and levoamphetamine.
What is Adderall used for?
Adderall is used for the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder( ADHD) and narcolepsy.
Is Adderall used to treat depression?
Generally it is not the primary medication to treat depression. There are chances to develop depression during intake of Amphetamine. In such cases the patient has the option to try a different medication.
Can Adderall help to cure anxiety?
Adderall is not regarded as an anti anxiety medication. In Fact it is a stimulant that boosts a person’s attention span, motivation and energy.
Adderall can increase a person’s self confidence and excitement to participate in activities, which could alleviate the anxiety connected to low self esteem.
How many strengths does Adderall come with?
The four hour forms are called Adderall and come in 5.0 mg, 7.5 mg, 10 mg, 12.5 mg, 15 mg, 20 mg and 30 mg strengths.
The tablets of Adderall are available in extended release form too.
What is the proper dosage for intaking Adderall tablets?
The maximum dosage for Adderall tablets is 60 mg per day. But in the initial stage of treatment the doctor will prescribe the low strength Adderall tablet to the patient.
This is so because to make the body habitual of a particular medication. The initial dosage is Adderall 10 mg.
Adderall 10 mg is given to the patients who are just suffering from the primary stage of disease. Though the dosage can be increased depending upon the severity of the disease condition.
With regular intake of Adderall 10 mg, as directed by the doctor it can be treated upon easily.
Can Adderall be addictive in nature?
Adderall is a prescription medication, so it can be regarded as safe. It can take as little as two weeks to become addicted to Adderall. The addiction will quickly sneak up on the recreational user as the brain develops tolerance.
Can Adderall intake produce any side effects?
If the patient is in the habit of overdosing on Adderall, then they may face the worst side effects. Below are some symptoms, if continued then immediately contact the doctor :-
Heart ailments
Liver failure
Stomach ache
Decreased appetite
Trouble sleeping
Dry mouth

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